Posted by The Grande on October 14, 2017 
Maybe a shortline in the region purchased these at the auction back in August?
Posted by Jason Moyer on October 14, 2017 
Poor 5119 looks like NS sent it to a quarry.
Posted by Jarle Dixon on October 14, 2017 
Both have been brought by Frontier Rail
Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on October 14, 2017 
Both of these units were sold at auction in August, along with 60 other GP38-2s, mostly high hoods. Their new owner is Frontier Rail, per NSDash9. Even after the auction, NS still has 102 high hoods and some 200 rebuilt GP38-2s in service.
Posted by Greg MacLeod on October 14, 2017 
I'm just as interested in the story behind the SP caboose in the background...
Posted by Jacob Kula on October 14, 2017 
They were purchased by Frontier Rail in the recent GP38-2 auction held by Norfolk Southern. Check here for more:
Posted by Jacob Masi on October 15, 2017 
Frontier Rail bought them in an NS held auction earlier this year
Posted by Evan Schilling on October 15, 2017 
Norfolk Southern put a hand full of High Hood Locomotives up for auction in August this year. Frontier Rail bought both locomotives at the auction.
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