Posted by Rich Brown on August 30, 2017 
Yes, Columbia used to be a GREAT place to watch trains. There was plenty of traffic, shade, and food available near the tracks. Even better, you could hang out all day, as I often did and nobody ( railroad or "civilian" ) hassled you about anything.
Posted by FSWood on August 30, 2017 
That building looks like it could have been either a station or a business.
Posted by Marc on August 30, 2017 
Nice shot of a classic meet. Nice you got it all. Is the station still there?
Posted by Bob Kise on August 31, 2017 
Thanks for your comments. Yes, the station is still there, with a large warehouse attached as part of the Eastern Driller Manufacturing Co.
Posted by Doug Lilly on August 31, 2017 
Incredible timing to get two moving trains in a broadside view, Bob.
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