Posted by John West on July 16, 2017 
That is a really nice image, beautiful scenery, great lighting, interesting history.
Posted by Bill Kosanda on July 16, 2017 
Outstanding, you've got me thinking about a visit to Montana.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on July 16, 2017 
Posted by Jim Sinclair on July 16, 2017 
Really nice work here, Mike! Just the other night I was following the old Milwaukee Road right-of-way on Google Earth and remember exploring Lombard. I so wish the Milwaukee was still with us.
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on July 18, 2017 
Abandonment, dismemberment, and reclamation...its all in this photo. If you've read Stan Johnson's "The Milwaukee Road's Western Extension - The Building of a Transcontinental Railroad" you would have to wonder how this could have possibly happened.
Posted by huebi on July 19, 2017 
Interesting situation, I would like to see a photo of the original with the legendary Milwaukee road....
Posted by guymonmd on August 9, 2017 
I wonder if the missing span of the old Milwaukee Road bridge over the Missouri River was removed when the current BNSF line was built.
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