Posted by Sean Mathews on June 6, 2017 
Beautiful! And I am so glad that CSX is doing this. However, I suspect the only reason why is that the same Dark Future colors are used, and less of the yellow, so if anything, they saved money on painting this in the heritage scheme.
Posted by Troy Nolen on June 6, 2017 
Why did they change the number from 4617 and why doesn't it have a yellow nose with CSX on it?
Posted by FSWood on June 6, 2017 
Wonder if they painted the bottom lf the fuel tank. Once heard a tale from I think the GM&O where the shop crew weren't authorized to do a full repaint and since they didn't paint the bottom of the fuel tank it didn't count as a full repaint.
Posted by Christian Stoll on June 6, 2017 
Any word of other units being painted in fallen flag colors?
Posted by `LTEX1417 on June 6, 2017 
The horn needs to be back where it belongs, too.
Posted by K100DS on June 6, 2017 
Why does it have Contrail-style marker lights?
Posted by Jeff Swanson on June 7, 2017 
I don't care about all of the critics and nay-sayers - a couple days on the road and grime and it will look like the C & O of old. I think it looks great - thanks for posting Mike!
Posted by CSXNick on June 9, 2017 
Wow!! This is exciting i'm so glad CSX is doing this. I don't wanna be greedy but next they need to paint some new units and put em on the mainlines.
Posted by Steve Larson on June 9, 2017 
She's a Beaut, Mike.
Posted by Alexandra DiGiorgi on March 4, 2018 
Nice shot! I hope they bring out some Chessie Cats!
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