Posted by wi joe on April 2, 2017 
Grandma's GPS confused her.
Posted by OT LOCAL on April 2, 2017 
Posted by Dale Roth on April 3, 2017 
And look what it took to pull that expensive Caddie out of there. An EMD SD18 and a HiRail truck plus the log chain. Or were they having a pull off and it ended in a tie? Who won?
Posted by Gene on April 5, 2017 
Didn't GM have a 'Stabila-Trac' option for a few years? LOL
Posted by Erick Anderson on April 7, 2017 
Does anyone know how the car got there? I saw a drunk turn left onto the railroad tracks instead of the street once (and called the police). I hope this wasn't something similar.
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