Posted by Steve Larson on December 13, 2016 
By the look of it, this locomotive has a frown, OBrian. He had to get punched in the face really hard.
Posted by OBrian Harmon on December 13, 2016 
Steve, I never even noticed that before, haha! IIRC, this was the Pere Marquuette enroute to Chicago, when it ran into the rear end of another freight. There was video footage posted on Youtube that showed the entire event, and the unit seemed to take a pretty hard hit! Im just glad no one was seriously injured.
Posted by lumpum on December 14, 2016 
It actually ran into the back of a stack train in Illinois.
Posted by WRRSfan4271 on November 21, 2022 
Looking at all those damaged (and the bent frame), this engine was subsequently scrapped
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