Posted by SWMM on December 11, 2016 
Slap an NS logo on it and get it back on the road!
Posted by FSWood on December 11, 2016 
Their lucky day? Probably not. What a mess. Wonder what kind of cars those first fifteen are and what happened to their contents.
Posted by Tom on December 11, 2016 
..and I thought I had trouble when I changed my car's oil in the drive and left the oil pan plug out. Wow !!
Posted by Scott Haugland on December 11, 2016 
Thar she blows! I'd like to see the video from the 6609's onboard camera from when 7088 started to spew her Texas Tea!
Posted by steam_marc on December 11, 2016 
I didn't know UP had some engines in the "Undecorated" scheme. I'd hate to have to clean that thing.
Posted by Rich Brown on December 11, 2016 
That trailing unit looks like what I recall Athearn used to call "undec."
Posted by Steve Larson on December 11, 2016 
In all your photography, James, how many photos of this or related have you taken?
Posted by Tom Starr on December 11, 2016 
It looks like up is pretending to be like its UNITED STATES of AMERICA competitor NS -Norfolk Southern Ry. Thank You James B. for Sharing your photo.
Posted by l1011driver on December 12, 2016 
Posted by 2822 on December 12, 2016 
Yes, this is the repair shop. I need to order a tank car of dish washing liquid.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on December 12, 2016 
15 trailing cars had that much oil on them too? (Almost like like fire/char damage ;)
Posted by Jeff Sell on December 12, 2016 
The results of this accident are interesting. From your photo, the trailing locomotive looks like it was professionally coated. Thanks for sharing this unusual photo.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on December 12, 2016 
Perhaps the trailing fifteen cars were full of feathers?
Posted by xBNSFer on December 13, 2016 
Now you know what it would look like if you Plasti-Dipped an AC4400CW.
Posted by Kyle on December 15, 2016 
This would make for a great dawn commercial. Dawn is tough on grease and oil, while gentle on those "wild" locomotives. Plus they could roll out the slogan "Dawn saves wild locomotives". Probably won't catch on, but UP is going to being purchasing a lot of soap for these locomotives. I also like the GE AC4400CWB unit behind 7088. UP has once again decided to get some B units, but I don't know why they are painting them NS black. Sure NS has rebuilt the UP SD90s, but now the GEs. NS sure has been busy, but they really need to get a new person to paint the locomotives. Who the heck decided to only go with one coat of paint. Also, I would have removed the windsheild wipers, if you are plating over the windows, or just painting them black you might as well remove them, who needs them on a B unit. I tell you, they just don't build things as the use to. On a more serious note, what is up with all the GEs blowing the turbos and spewing oil? I am not aware of EMD having this problem. Luckily this one didn't go up in flames like other blown GE turbos. I am not sure who GE is trying to give a run for their money, ALCO or old steam locomotives. This must have been crazy to see. Has GE not gotten any EPA memos? I think oil would be considered particulent matter for emission purposes. Heck, when VW cheated on their diesels, everyone thought they were "clean" (even the VW marketing department). Come on GE you need to step up your game. Ok, that is enough bad jokes :)
Posted by l1011driver on December 18, 2016 
GE owns the market. Anybody who runs on Mountain grade knows, GE's are the ONLY power to have. EMD's are TRASH. If you got 2 C45's and an SD70 on the point and you go through a tunnel...take a wild guess as to which unit is going to shut down. GE's with AC traction will pull a 11,000 ton train up 2.9% in the rain at a rock steady 2.5 mph and not even break a sweat (trust me, I've done it). EMD's will fry and burst into flames (I've dealt with that too). If you run on flat tangent territory, good for you, GP40's would be considered good power. Anything over 2%, leave the EMD's at home and bring the REAL power.
Posted by xBNSFer on January 4, 2017 
Yup, there was a reason ALCOs were touted as being good for hauling heavy tonnage up mountain grades; the reason is called GE TRACTION MOTORS. Once GE applied microprocessor tech to its locomotives, it left EMD in the dust. That happened 30 years ago.
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