Posted by Steve Larson on December 4, 2016 
I love the Union Pacific and wig-wags, Mark. It's tough seeing so much graffiti on an otherwise great shot. I even dig on the Genset. Thanks for posting. It's wonderful seeing the wig-wag.
Posted by l1011driver on December 4, 2016 
Never liked Gensets. Use a GP38 or something.
Posted by cnw4007 on December 5, 2016 
Surprised the engineer has not been tagged yet !!! Genset doing what it supposed to, one engine running two shutdown.
Posted by Scott Haugland on December 5, 2016 
Hmmm....wouldn't the amount of graffiti on this unit indicate that it should be pretty easy to catch a bunch of taggers? I mean I bet this unit is parked in the same spot every day/night and it obviously gets tagged many many times as opposed to a hit and run type of a tagging. Couldn't some simple surveillance and some well placed police officers go a long way towards trying to get some vandals some jail time and fines to pay back the cost of repainting this and other railroad equipment? It basically is a big bait car. And who knows....maybe it could send a message throughout that neighborhood to leave the RR equipment alone because you're going to get caught and have to pay.
Posted by l1011driver on December 6, 2016 
Scott, you underestimate UP's total lack of caring. Not to mention, eliminating graffiti in South Los Angeles is along the same degree of difficulty as preventing Rain in Scotland. Good luck. The engine runs, the lights work, the horn blows. In the end it's just paint. It doesn't actually keep the guys from doing their work.
Posted by Ken Woodbury on December 9, 2016 
l1011driver I believe that you are very wrong about this. How can it be said that "it is just paint". It seems incredulous to me that punks vandalize trains, and we say que sera sera. You are right however, if UP is unwilling to stop it, then there is nothing we can do. But this angers me, especially every time a train rolls by, and every single boxcar is tagged.
Posted by l1011driver on December 11, 2016 
Ken, maybe I just don't think of it as such a big deal. After all, some of what you see on the sides of boxcars is very impressive, creative and even satirical. Then you get the ugly stuff, like this genset. Then again there is coal power with a half ton of soot coating it, and Remotes covered in so much grime that you can't tell which RR they belong to. UP has a LOT of power and rolling stock and the cost of repainting just one unit is not worth it to them. Yet regardless of their outward appearance, they pull, haul and load the same. Does it really matter that much?
Posted by xBNSFer on December 13, 2016 
It's UP's new "Urban Camouflage" paint scheme...
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