Posted by bradley on November 13, 2016 
And look at the pick up in this shot. A Dodge I think. I think Mr. Walker was taking pictures of pick ups back then, and trains kept getting in the shots...
Posted by Gene on November 14, 2016 
Corvair pick up?
Posted by CSXNick on November 14, 2016 
"Hustle Muscle"
Posted by Iben WerkinonnaRR on November 14, 2016 
That's a corvair pickup! Notice the rear intake at the top of the back rail. The motor was behind the rear wheels.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on November 14, 2016 
That's a Corvair Rampside pickup , remember those ?
Posted by Carlyle Thompson on November 14, 2016 
The white over yellow pick up is a Chevy air-cooled rear engine Corvair from around 65-66 years. I drove one in 67 while working at a tire store. The pickup bed had a side door on the right side that served as a ramp. That is what the black rain is behind the cab.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on November 16, 2016 
I like the train Craig ;)
Posted by xBNSFer on March 31, 2017 
Every unit but the SD26 rebuild (second to rear) is a 20 cylinder. Man, what a sound that must have made at speed!
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