Posted by bradley on August 21, 2016 
Actually really glad to see this pic. I was thinking the other day that "back in the day", there were some EMD demo's that had the angled windshield glass that matched the number boards. Anybody know why they done this? I wonder where these ended up, and did they keep the funky windshield?
Posted by xBNSFer on August 22, 2016 
If you look carefully, you'll also see more rounded edges on the noses and cabs of these units, all done in the name of aerodynamics but apparently of insufficient value to justify the extra cost involved, since these changes didn't make it into any of the subsequent production models.
Posted by bradley on August 22, 2016 
Thanks. Now that you say that I remember that the corners were rounded a little more. Maybe give them and "E" for effort, but it would be hard to believe you could put a number on the aerodynamic benefit.
Posted by Nathan Richters on August 22, 2016 
@bradley - These ended up on the CSX roster, and still sport their unique windshields in active service. See photo #580577 for a 2016 view.
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