Posted by Steve Hastings on June 10, 2016 
Truly unique old engines. Can't say as I've ever heard of an engine rated at 1699-hp.
Posted by Steve Larson on June 10, 2016 
I've always enjoyed the odd-looking locomotives. This Baldwin AS-616 is no exception. I love the Remarks & Notes. It's interesting that it had 1,699 hp, not 1,700. Amazing amount of tractive effort, for a 1952 loco. Thanks for a Super photo, Bill, & for sharing with us. PCA nominated.
Posted by Bill Marvel on June 10, 2016 
My thanks to both Steves. The AS-616 boasted 1,600 hp, of course. Correction made.
Posted by D.E. Albertson on June 10, 2016 
I always chuckle to myself when I see the "Dependable Transportation" logo on some dubious candidates like this unit, the C630's, the C855's, the U50C's...
Posted by Steve Hastings on June 10, 2016 
To add here, this looks like a tank. Ready for just about anything it encounters. Quite the beast.
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