Posted by James Burlington on May 19, 2016 
Why did the garratts have an extra section in front of the boiler?
Posted by Steve Larson on May 19, 2016 
Sure is a beauty, Gianfranco. I'm used to seeing the Union Pacific Big Boys, but these Garratts are still plenty big. Love the paint scheme. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Dale Roth on May 19, 2016 
Posted by RailRog on May 19, 2016 
The extra section is an additional water tank - great for adhesion on the front loco unit when the tank is full, but not so good when the tank is empty. As a result the front tank was invariably used as a reserve water source.
Posted by Kit Fassett on May 20, 2016 
I believe the section in front is the water tank.
Posted by DaveMullany on May 20, 2016 
Great picture. Great locomotive. Just one point - the name of the city is Bulawayo, not Bulawajo. Trust me on this: I grew up there :-)
Posted by Nigel Curtis on May 20, 2016 
The front section of a Garrett carried water, the rear section the coal.
Posted by James Burlington on May 20, 2016 
Why did they need a larger water tank than North American locomotives? Because the climate in Africa is so dry? I used to think that the tank was to protect the crew from collisions with elephants, lol.
Posted by ar-ren on November 11, 2017 
No, that's because there's narrow gauge. Manufacturers need to low center of gravity, so they place boiler between two truck, as low as possible. First truck carry a water, second - coal plus water too.
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