Posted by Michael Derrick on May 9, 2016 
Great shot, Kyle! Any chance there's a link to Mr. Cox's video? I would love to hear what you excellently describe here.
Posted by Rob Woodrow on May 9, 2016 
Out of curiosity, are those GP-35's old GM&O engines?
Posted by OT LOCAL on May 9, 2016 
Those trucks look like GE trucks,odd to see them on EMD'S.
Posted by Kyle Korienek on May 9, 2016 
The units are ex-Ann Arbor, the trucks are Alco trucks that came off trade in Alco FA-2's. They are a result of the same program that Southern Railway and Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio took part in.
Posted by Steven Mckay on May 9, 2016 
The GLC GP35's were built on Alco trucks from traded in FA's and were built for Ann Arbor. You Killed it Kyle
Posted by beano on May 10, 2016 
Who is the tramp sitting on top of the leading GP-35 ? He butter hung on. Great photo Kyle and also great specifics and info on the locomotives all the railroad fans contributed. Good job, and thanks everybody.
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