Posted by SAR Connecta on March 22, 2016 
Posted by George Hiotis on March 24, 2016 
Beautiful, Mitch! One of the best of its kind.
Posted by George Hiotis on March 25, 2016 
PCA from me!
Posted by Steve Carter on March 29, 2016 
Congratulations on the POTW, well deserved.
Posted by John West on March 29, 2016 
Nicely done.
Posted by BUFFIE on March 30, 2016 
Great image!
Posted by Jeff Terry on March 30, 2016 
You nailed it, Mitch (ir rather, you Brang it). Nice work!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on March 31, 2016 
Superb use of light and color. Well done Mitch. PCA voted here.
Posted by Matthew Robson on April 3, 2016 
Nice photo Mitch. Great use of light and composition.
Posted by Steve Larson on April 3, 2016 
WOW! Enough said.
Posted by John Dziobko on April 6, 2016 
This has to be one of the best photos ever posted on Many many thanks.
Posted by shishir on April 10, 2016 
My father retired as a Guard from Indian railways. This particular picture reminded me of him. I can imagine him sitting in the same manner in the caboose of the Indian railways dimly lit by the lantern filling up Guard's Log at some small roadside station. Great Photo. Emotionally touching.
Posted by Tom Gorton on July 24, 2016 
This is an outstanding photograph, period!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on August 2, 2016 
I totally love the old and conservative scene, timeless again.
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