Posted by Steve Larson on March 21, 2016 
Great shot, Jack. Not typically in wonderful condition, but being a GG-1, it is still a thing of BEAUTY. She has seen many a hard day & conditions that could make other locos run & hide. With the proper loving care, she still has the ability to shine. Thanks for posting the timelessness of this GG-1.
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 21, 2016 
What a stark contrast between her once normal stomping grounds in the big cities with catenary lines to this wooded storage area.
Posted by Dana M. on March 21, 2016 
Nice photo Mr. Jakeman - such a disheartening sight to see when a piece of railroad history is neglected and left to rot. Although you have the photo of this GG1 at the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad - there is a sister GG1 behind it, and I'm sure you are well aware of that since you took this photo.
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