Posted by B&Osummer*man on February 3, 2016 
The colors are nice, if not very Pennsy; more like mini B&O CPLs.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on February 3, 2016 
Wow! These units look even MORE aggressive and ready-for-business in the snow! 632's face is a bit more intimidating with icicles at speed.
Posted by xBNSFer on February 4, 2016 
They also deleted the "middle" light from the signals giving them a very "B&O" look as another poster pointed out. The PRR position lights mimicked semaphore blade positions only with three bulbs in a row, while the B&O style used a combination of color and placement.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 4, 2016 
Catenary is cool. The poor rail photographer blames catenary; a great photographer uses it.
Posted by xBNSFer on February 5, 2016 
Yes, catenary is cool - especially in tele shots looking like a big steel spiderweb.
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