Posted by M.C. Mann on January 29, 2016 
Great shot of those Cowl Units. Some video producer needs to do a program covering the Winnipeg area, that has been overlooked so far. Thanks for posting
Posted by Steve Boyko on January 30, 2016 
Thanks M.C!
Posted by Nick M Lemberg on February 26, 2016 
I'm sure they won't be moving more than 25 mph as the curve radius in some areas will be a wee bit tight for this guy's wheel arrangement. Just be aware that the 4-6-6-4 can go places the 5558 can't, so he will be restricted to operating in certain areas. oe death year. Don't look for him to be under steam any time soon, however, UP will take their time and do the job properly, so they will not rush the restoration.
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