Posted by Billchor on January 27, 2016 
Semyonnof, очень красиво и сладкие цвета, просто фантастика ! - very nice and sweet colors, just fantastic !
Posted by Rich Brown on January 27, 2016 
BEAUTIFUL ! My choice for PCA. Ilya, you are a true artist.
Posted by Red Eddie on January 27, 2016 
Wow! Beautiful rural scene....I could gaze at it for hours...well done Ilya!
Posted by MP Palmieri on January 27, 2016 
So Beautiful !!!
Posted by CNW_TC400 on January 27, 2016 
Simply stunning, breathtaking shot!
Posted by Alexander Anichkin on January 27, 2016 
Yet another fantastic shot, Ilya!
Posted by Brama on January 27, 2016 
Superb! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Jason Moss on January 27, 2016 
Wow! At first glance I thought that this was a Howard Fogg painting!
Posted by MArailfan on January 27, 2016 
Wow! Could be anywhere in the world in winter...
Posted by Mark Rosnick on January 27, 2016 
Spectacular shot Ilya. Looks like a painting.
Posted by Steve Larson on January 28, 2016 
Breathtaking, Ilya. God certainly painted this for all to see. PCA voted & thanks for sharing with us.
Posted by Ilya Semenoff on January 28, 2016 
Thank you folks for such kind comments!
Posted by Arseniy Shapurov on February 10, 2016 
Очень красиво! И терпения наверное стоил снимок, порядочно! - Beautiful photo, I believe took a lot of patience to take this shot.
Posted by Randall on February 12, 2016 
Well done sir. Is that a Christmas tree on the far left?
Posted by Alexander Anichkin on February 13, 2016 
Ilya, congrats on PCA - well deserved!!!
Posted by Ilya Semenoff on February 13, 2016 
Once again, thank you all! And thank you for PCA! Randy, yes, it is Christmas tree! Left-overs stands a house which owner was decorated homestead area.
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