Posted by Christian Vazzaz on January 19, 2016 
Congrats Buddy! Its amazing what a difference 0.5 Miles make to a photo!
Posted by DLHACE on January 19, 2016 
Extra special composition. This is fabulous!! Thank You Matthew for mushing through the snow to capture this!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 19, 2016 
Beautiful shot - congrats on the well earned POTW!
Posted by Jon Wright on January 20, 2016 
This is one beautiful photograph.
Posted by Rich Clark on January 20, 2016 
Great shot Matthew. British Columbia has some of the most spectacular scenery and those red engines just add to the mix nicely, well done with the rays of light too ! I'm envious of those that are able to frequent such a showy place.
Posted by Carl Kulzer on January 21, 2016 
Stunning image! PCA from me. Thanks for posting.
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