Posted by Carl Kulzer on January 4, 2016 
Thank you Marty for posting all these great classic shots by Roger Puta.
Posted by Kibu on January 5, 2016 
Wasn't the Wabash's crack passenger train the "Blue Bird" while the "Cannonball" was a freight train?
Posted by Marty Bernard on January 5, 2016 
Both were passenger trains. Do a Goggle search.
Posted by Jim Meade on January 5, 2016 
Actually, according to Wikipedia, the song was about a fictional train of that name, and it came before the train. Wabash later named a train from the song: "In the wake of the song's popularity, the Wabash Railroad renamed its daytime express run between Detroit and St. Louis as the Wabash Cannon Ball in 1949, the only actual train to bear the name, which it carried until the creation of Amtrak in 1971, when it was discontinued." From Wikipedia.
Posted by Sport! on January 5, 2016 
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