Posted by Dana M. on December 13, 2015 
Steve - you have one interesting photo here. I like the depth of focus, and the mood is perfect for capturing that "melancholy" feeling. I actually hate to see photos like this - abandoned railroads and trains left to rot where they sit. The thought of someone not having the courtesy of taking the time to move the equipment at least to a "central" location that would help keep it together instead of just leaving it spread out and scattered just "willy-nilly" just irritates me. I would have the common sense to bring all the equipment together into one location so that should the ability become available to move it - it at least would be in one location with easy access. Leaving equipment to just sit where it was last spotted is carelessness and saddening. This is what happens and you end up with "junk" sitting and "polluting" a forest of trees.
Posted by mmi16 on December 14, 2015 
While it may not have been 'properly secured' when left there in 1956, the trees growing up inside the frame elements ensure it is well secured today, and has been for a number of years.
Posted by Sport! on December 14, 2015 
time stand still
Posted by pjflstc on December 14, 2015 
What Earth will look like 60 years after the death of all mankind. I agree it's a shame they walked away and made no effort to save or preserve the rail equipment left behind. I've seen similar photos here on RF showing several abandoned coal cars in the Orbisonia area. Reminds me of people who park old parks behind their home to rust away.
Posted by Paul Rude (Vermont Railfan) on December 18, 2015 
wow...sad...Personally if I lived near there I would contact the owner of the property and try and cut down those trees and vegetation, fix up the line a bit....maybe even buy or build a cheap locomotive to pull those cars around
Posted by Anthony Vo on May 25, 2018 
vermount railroader, you have a point!
Posted by Dana M. on May 25, 2018 
I am surprised, however, that no scrapper has come in with a torch and started cutting these relics for the metal and monetary value they could get from them. And to respond to Vermont Railfan - the East Broad Top owner has the line and property up for sale. The Roundhouse has the steam locomotives stored and he's had several offers from folks wanting to buy them, but he wants to sell the whole kit-n-kaboodle - not parcel it out in bits-n-pieces. He would like to have the entire railroad sold as a whole and kept together. He's hoping someone with enough care and money would buy the whole thing and restore it to the popular tourist railroad it once was. As it is - this is the current "fate" of the whole East Broad Top railroad. I don't think the current owner can afford to do what you suggested.
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