Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 9, 2015 
Wow - stunning! Congrats on the "Gruber Award" selection! And the SC, too!
Posted by Bruce Budris on December 9, 2015 
Very nice Dennis! Great vantage point.
Posted by John Crisanti on December 9, 2015 
Very nicely done, Dennis!
Posted by Joseph Meade on December 9, 2015 
You did it again, Dennis. Colors, composition, and your remarks are on point. A job well done.
Posted by Marc on December 9, 2015 
It looks like a painting Dennis. Well done and congratulations.
Posted by Steve Larson on December 9, 2015 
It's hard to mess with perfection...other than a PCA.
Posted by Offset on December 9, 2015 
Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photograph.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on December 9, 2015 
Awesome blue hour shot!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on December 9, 2015 
Amazing shot Dennis. Congrats on the Gruber award.
Posted by Thomas Bookout on December 10, 2015 
Breathtaking! That's really all I can say!
Posted by Kevin Madore on December 10, 2015 
Another one for the book, Dennis! The New York Skyline is mesmerizing. So much detail to see. Also love the detail under the trestle. Congrats on the awards this shot has garnered. Well-deserved.
Posted by Troy Nolen on December 10, 2015 
I miss the "old" New York...
Posted by Charles Freericks on December 13, 2015 
The words that come to mind on this one are, "utterly spectacular." I am in awe.
Posted by Paul F. De Luca on December 16, 2015 
Dennis, you're making me homesick!
Posted by Bryant Kaden on December 20, 2015 
I'll echo Charles' comment but add my own adjective: "cinematic." It's the kind of picture that lets your imagination run wild as your eye moves from the majestic skyscrapers to the hardscrabble residential buildings to the dimly lit area beneath the train. I wonder what happens there? And the train ties it all together. What an inspired and inspiring photograph.
Posted by Stephen Hussar on December 21, 2015 
Phenomenal, Dennis! Congrats!!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on December 22, 2015 
Congratulations, you hit the trifecta! Another stunning NYC photo, with train! When will the book come out?
Posted by MarkT on December 23, 2015 
Simply wow....!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 24, 2015 
More then a "Tri-fecta", you're already on week two of "POTW"! Again - stunning shot, one I'd not tire of should it stay for POTW for yet another week.
Posted by Tom Gorton on January 1, 2016 
Mr. Livesey, I'm in awe of your incredible talent and mesmerized by it!
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