Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on December 3, 2015 
A wonderful photo!! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Robert Jordan on December 3, 2015 
Marty, great photo. Made my day. Used to watch them through River Grove.
Posted by cnw4007 on December 3, 2015 
Wow, look at that mustang with those wide whitewall tires. If that doesn't date a picture, Oh, and the UP E9 too.
Posted by Rich Brown on December 3, 2015 
August 1964, would make that Mustang a VERY EARLY production car. Wonder IF its STILL around ? What a slice of real "Americana."
Posted by Bob Kise on December 4, 2015 
A great photo of classic small-town America in the mid-60s.
Posted by Steve Larson on December 4, 2015 
Hey, the good old Lanark Depot. This is such a great photo of the City of Denver. Love the first year Mustang, or 1964 1/2 as they sold it. I also love the semaphores. This is such a winner of a photo...that is why it has to have a PCA vote from me.
Posted by pjw1967 on December 4, 2015 
1964 was the first year for the Mustang, so the car in the photo is likely no more than 5 months old. Looks like the hub caps have been removed....
Posted by Red Eddie on December 6, 2015 
Gorgeous picture for so many reasons...I bet the Stangs hubcaps were removed 'cause the owner couldn't keep his foot out of that fresh 289 small block!
Posted by Rich Brown on December 10, 2015 
Whitewalls with black wheels was a "style" of the time among those who also rolled up their t-shirt sleeves.
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