Posted by Jason Bialecki on November 28, 2015 
A nice picture, and a great caption!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 28, 2015 
Wild that the structure still exists. Nice shot - thanks for the informative caption!
Posted by Gunnar Aasheim on November 29, 2015 
Fun to see something like that again.I was a sailor in my young days and I remember we was down in Lorenzo Marques in Mosambique and loaded coal on a coal dumper like that.After we went with the coal to Rotterdam,Holland.
Posted by Rich Brown on November 30, 2015 
This could be a "modelers nightmare" IF one were so inclined.
Posted by Rich Brown on December 2, 2015 
To BaronMatt: Check out Google Earth, it looks as if you can at least get "reasonably close" on public streets.
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