Posted by Lee A. Lovern on September 30, 2015 
She's a real beauty! Thank you Norfolk Southern!
Posted by Rich Brown on September 30, 2015 
THANKS NS, not ONLY for building ANOTHER beautiful "Heritage Unit" but EVEN MORE SO for assigning it back on "Home" rails.
Posted by Chase Zickefoose on September 30, 2015 
Norfolk Southern is a class act company!
Posted by xBNSFer on September 30, 2015 
Wow that's looking gorgeous.
Posted by on September 30, 2015 
It looks great! I eagerly await 1700s return to North Jersey. Maybe one day it could escape Oak island and make a trip to Suffern and Campbell Hall just for kicks?
Posted by Mark Rosnick on September 30, 2015 
WOW! Thank you Norfolk Southern for repainting a true heritage unit.
Posted by Matt Hultman on September 30, 2015 
You guys got to put the horn back in its original place and renumber it! ;-)
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on September 30, 2015 
What a pleasant and unexpected surprise...thank you NS.
Posted by cavranger on September 30, 2015 
Speechless.....NS continues to impress me.
Posted by Cole Jackson on October 1, 2015 
This is truly excellent NS!
Posted by Mike on October 1, 2015 
Wow. Another one rises.
Posted by Ryan Reed on October 1, 2015 
The quality of the paint job on that engine is magnificent. Great job NS!!'
Posted by miningcamper on October 1, 2015 
The DL&W came up with a paint scheme for the ages. Thanks, NS!
Posted by D.Carleton on October 1, 2015 
Beautiful! One down, five to go.
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