Posted by Troy Staten on August 24, 2015 
5400 HP that's pretty impressive, about the same as late model 4-8-4.
Posted by thewiz on August 25, 2015 
Now if only they could make it attractive...
Posted by pjw1967 on August 25, 2015 
Pardon my ignorance. Does it now have four 1350 hp traction motors?
Posted by Driver8666 on August 25, 2015 
I don't see the point with 5400hp. For that they could've dropped in a 265H rated at 5600hp. I live where these engines are going so it'll be interesting. 54 divided by 2 is 2700hp. The F59PH's were rated between 2800-3000hp. But they do have the separate HEP generator. Both the F59PH and the MP40PH-3C. So they can have 2700hp, or 5400hp ready at the bar. Why they swapped this out for two QSK60's is beyond me. We'll just have to see. Not to gripe about having Cummins engines dropped in, but the 710 that was in the unit has a very excellent track record. For an engine that's over 30 years old that is. Well, the jury will be out once this thing reaches Willowbrook, Ontario that's for sure.
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