Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on August 23, 2015 
Nice! 'Don't look a gift horse 2,500 HP in the mouth...especially one that looks as good as this!
Posted by Dale Roth on August 23, 2015 
GP30's were rated at 2250 HP. What does the "U" stand for?
Posted by xBNSFer on August 17, 2016 
"U" is for "upgrade(d)" - the GP30s went through Santa Fe in-house rebuild programs, whereupon they came out with (among other things) upgraded electrical systems and the extra 250hp. Think of them (and their GP35 brethren that went through the same in-house rebuild programs) as "GP35-2s." 2,500 hp was the rating of all Santa Fe GP35 and GP30 rebuilds.
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