Posted by Jim Thias on April 22, 2015 
Excellent view, Sean. Well deserved PotW.
Posted by Dean Lydic on April 22, 2015 
Great view of gore & river. Great view of Montana mountains.
Posted by Rich Kaminsky on April 22, 2015 
Marvelous image. You guys in western North America sure have some gorgeous scenery, unlike those of us in Ohio.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on April 22, 2015 
Sensational image, Sean.
Posted by Steve Larson on April 22, 2015 
The areas that railroaders tend to travel, off the beaten path, are quite picturesque. Great pic, Sean.
Posted by Carl K on April 23, 2015 
When I first looked at this photo I thought it was Canada. But we have beautiful scenery in the U.S. also. Thanks for posting this incredible image. It goes right into my favorites.
Posted by Rick Hood on April 23, 2015 
Posted by Randall on April 24, 2015 
Well done Mr. Kelly, well done indeed.
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