Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on April 13, 2015 
Very nice!! Wonderful light, texture, and color. It's always great to see a poling cup-- I best this car saw a lot of miles under her trucks!
Posted by jdayrail on April 14, 2015 
Busy it is! I stayed in Clovis a couple of weeks ago and it was non-stop train watching. A decade ago, I worked on the Transcon through the Texas Panhandle. At that time we were getting about 70 trains/day. I think they are exceeding 100/day now. Compared to the bottle-necked routes I am used to seeing around my town, the fluidity on the Transcon is amazing.
Posted by xBNSFer on August 12, 2016 
That's actually a reefer, not a boxcar. The doors are a dead giveaway.
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