Posted by on April 2, 2015 
I'm not a particularly religious individual, but, that said: "Holy Jesus, this is just an absolutely outstanding addition to the database!!!" - I'm hoping that this is just the first of many jewels about to be revealed from that shoebox hidden away in your closet !!!
Posted by scobrown on April 2, 2015 
An excellent example of a fireman that knows how to fire a steam locomotive. Just a slight haze of smoke from the stack. If I were the engineer on that, I would by the fireman's dinner.
Posted by Troy Staten on April 2, 2015 
Wow N&W sure ran an impressive railroad, that right of way is spotless, wonderful shot. thanks
Posted by Jeff Sell on April 2, 2015 
Nice looking photo of nearly 1 million pounds of locomotive! Your photo was taken at a nice angle showing the running gear with her huge low pressure cylinders, the canteen car and string of hoppers...and not to mention the mountains of West Virginia. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by A. Hagen on April 5, 2015 
Gorgeous sharp picture!
Posted by Scott Haugland on August 15, 2016 
Everything has basically already been said of this awesome scene and really an even more awesome machine, but here is another observation of something not seen very much anymore, but was common back then. Look at all of the spike holes in the lineside pole! How many times lineman had been up and down that thing. You'd get a palm full of splinters just leaning against that pole with your hand......sheesh!
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