Posted by Curious142 on March 25, 2015 
What is the current status of #3985. Just curious. I assume that's #844 (I hope that's the correct no.) on the left getting some tlc.
Posted by davehewitt on March 26, 2015 
Loco on left is 838 undergoing attention, 835 was in the other depot next to the Big Boy.As to what is happening to any of them I have no idea being a visitor to the States from the UK
Posted by guymonmd on April 2, 2015 
3985 has been out of service for quite some time and 844 is also out of service for an extended time. I understand that the UP steam shop are putting their attention to 4014 and 844. 3985 is low on the priority list and I would not expect to see her under steam for quite some time.
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