Posted by Jesse Allen on March 1, 2015 
Thank you, Leaders and staff of Norfolk Southern! What a beautiful rendering of Southern's classy scheme on this classic locomotive. The Chattanooga paint shop does such excellent work.
Posted by Will Jordan on March 1, 2015 
Is that W for Will? lol Looks great, NS!
Posted by Jamie West (CaliforniaRailfan101) on March 1, 2015 
My favorite locomotive model with a very classy paint scheme! A thing of beauty! Way to go Norfolk Southern!
Posted by John Dziobko on March 1, 2015 
Thanks for the restoration. A grand job.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on March 1, 2015 
A classy paint scheme and a great photo! The U.S. flag is nice touch.
Posted by K100DS on March 2, 2015 
Gorgeous. There's just no other way to describe it.
Posted by Loren Aandahl on March 2, 2015 
Now this is a real locomotive!
Posted by Randy on March 2, 2015 
Beautiful NS. I was wondering, I can see the other set of horns and what appears to possibly be the back of a ditch light on the platform of the long end as well as a missing "F" on the short end of the frame. Didn't Southern frequently run their diesels long hood forward, and if so, is the long end of the hood still considered the front and is 3170 still set up to run that way (as well as short hood forward)?
Posted by Driver8666 on March 2, 2015 
I'm sure there are no dual controls. I'll be very surprised if there is. Once again a fine example to us all
Posted by Chad Karschner on March 6, 2015 
Will Jordan, the "W" after 3170 was a check code used by the Southern Railway. Assigning numbers to digits: A=0, F=1, H=2, J=3, K=4, L=5, R=6, T=7, W=8, and X=9. The formula to figure out what letter was assigned is as followed: take the first number, add twice the second number, add the third number, and last add twice the fourth number. So for example take Norfolk Southern's heritage Southern Unit #8099 with the letter K after it. The formula would be: 8+(0*2)+9+(9*2) however, if you plug that in right away it won't work. If any number once multiplied is a two digit number, those two numbers are then added together so now the formula reads: 8+(0*2)+9+(1+8)=26. And the final step to the formula is to take your answer, 26, and subtract it from the nearest multiple of 10 above it and subtract it. Therefore giving us the formula of 30-26=4, which is the letter K. I hope I explained this to you as clearly as possible.
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