Posted by Nigel Curtis on February 5, 2015 
It would be interesting if he disobeyed the 'No left turn' signal!
Posted by Derek Stewart on February 5, 2015 
I'm trying to imagine how much it looks even more out of place when the snow has the tracks covered.
Posted by Carl Massart on February 5, 2015 
What a cool scene! Love the no left turn signal light.
Posted by Kurt Wayne on February 15, 2015 
I'd never even noticed the signal on this street (end) before, which looks like it's in a parking lot. This is one of the most unique railroad scenes in America, bar none...even among the other street running locations. (And I wonder how fast he was going, as this is perhaps the street running trackage with the fastest speed limit in the nation (and a main line to boot).)
Posted by Robert Jordan on February 15, 2015 
The signal is good, approach lit so you have a good warning of a southbound. The speed is pretty moderate as the head end passed, not good judge but under 20? 10??. When the head end passed the crossings and the diamond, I am pretty sure speed picked up (30?) but again not a good judge.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on January 4, 2016 
Nice scene!
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