Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on February 3, 2015 
Delightful!! The cars, the South Shore sign, and even a phone-booth-- a nice look back!
Posted by Wharton Separk on February 4, 2015 
Very nice, Marty ... so many classic images in this photo. Excellent.
Posted by Tom Gorton on February 4, 2015 
I remember when my parents had cars like these mid-fifties GM tanks. Great shot, Marty!
Posted by Robert Jordan on February 4, 2015 
Great photo catching many of the elements of the time, I wonder If I took that photo today....
Posted by Jeff Swanson on February 4, 2015 
I don't remember exactly where it was, but someplace in Gary, I visited friends around this time as a child. I could watch the South Shore Line to the south and then look across the highway (north) and see the PRR, B&O, C&O, NYC, EJ&E (and I am probably missing one or two) - all of their flagship/crack passenger trains in and out of 'the Windy'. Boy do I wish I knew then, what I know now. Thanks for the memories Marty - always appreciated.
Posted by Ellis Simon on February 4, 2015 
Lets do the timewarp again. The cars, the buildings and, of course, the South Shore coach really capture the era.
Posted by Marty Bernard on February 4, 2015 
The cars are: the 2nd in line is a 55 Buick Special the first in line is 58 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 the parked car is most likely a 59-60 Pontiac but could be an Oldsmobile.
Posted by jdayrail on February 4, 2015 
In addition to the many other nostalgic items noted is the mail box. I miss the days when the USPS went to the trouble and expense of painting the tops red.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on February 4, 2015 
Great Photo ! Love all about it, the cars also. Looks to be a 60 Olds curbside
Posted by pjw1967 on February 4, 2015 
That's a '58 Olds on the left. I had a '58 Starfire 98 convertible. Pretty sure that's a '57 Buick 4 door sedan behind it. Likely a '59 Pontiac 2 door hardtop on the inside. My grandpa took his '59 Bonneville to Ireland in 1960 and met me and my Aunt Mary there. CIE was still running steam engines then. Wish I had a camera....
Posted by Jeff Sell on February 4, 2015 
Thanks for bringing the past to the present. Definitely looks good!
Posted by mga on February 4, 2015 
This is just mind blowing on so many levels. Would be cool to do a shot of this location today for contrast. Its probably on here somewhere.
Posted by Jim Thias on February 16, 2015 
So much to appreciate in this image. Thanks for sharing, Marty.
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