Posted by mark woody on January 23, 2015 
Easy to see where the focus of this shot was LOL.
Posted by Robert Jordan on January 23, 2015 
Engines are out of focus and distracting foreground clutter. LOL. Nice "Catch"
Posted by Marty Bernard on January 24, 2015 
Tom, how come the Geeps are out of focus?
Posted by Darrell Krueger on January 24, 2015 
Great, moody shot, Tom.
Posted by Steve Larson on January 24, 2015 
Tom, the lady is wearing the typical clothing style of that era. As I look at this photo, & remember 1977, I see the Milwaukee Road locomotives as one giant "jungle gym". I would be able to spend a week straight playing there and never see it all or even get tired. It would also make a wonderful puzzle.
Posted by jdayrail on January 24, 2015 
Another great one from you, Mr. Farence. It's odd to think that the lady crossing the tracks is almost 40 years older now. The time sure gets away from us.
Posted by joe on January 26, 2015 
Not sure but i think maybe the focus was on the feather switch stand, and the lady happened to walk into the shot.
Posted by Whisl'n Bruce on January 30, 2015 
Just like the song says, "You ain't liv'n the good life til ya put a girl in it."
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