Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 16, 2014 
Not too often when you can take a shot of steam today and the steam engine appears to be the "newest" thing in the picture. Wonderful photo, Dave! Such a bucolic setting.
Posted by Jeff Sell on December 16, 2014 
I like the way you incorporated the country side into the photo. Well done!
Posted by Andrew on December 17, 2014 
One looks at lots of photographs from all over the world only to find a really fabulous view nearly on my back doorstep. Sheep brought down from the high tops, snow on the hills and steam chugging along. All made even better by the fact that the diesel is only disernable because our attention was drawn to it by being told it was there, in the notes
Posted by Moss Miller on December 17, 2014 
Beautiful! PCA...
Posted by Danie Botes on June 28, 2015 
Exceptional photo!
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