Posted by Rich Brown on December 6, 2014 
Italy may be many things to many people, but thanks to RPN it has become in my mind "The Land of Abandoned Concrete Stations." There's ALMOST something Roman about them. You have to wonder, though, WHY such grand structures were built in what often seem like very rural areas.
Posted by Giuseppe Pastorello on December 8, 2014 
good question. The reason why these stations insist (now) in abandoned places, dates back many years ago, at the time when the railroad was built (1870), that is, when there was still only the steam traction, and there weren't many roads by car or coach. Each country had a station. This, for example, was once the station of the village of Sutera. But the village of Sutera was higher in the hills, which was more than the railroad towards the valley. So people came down with an animal-drawn wagon to ride to the station. Now no longer takes the train at this station (like many others) since the station, in fact, no longer exists. What we see are the ruins of ancient archaeological station were still standing. I hope I have answered you wanted to know.
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