Posted by Sid Vaught on November 29, 2014 
Interesting looking trackage. I questioned their choice of 4 motored units of this size to run in their type of service. Looks like they need some slugsets, they probably never use anywhere near the maximum horsepower these can produce. Hope they got a great deal.
Posted by T.Mitchell on November 29, 2014 
With that steep of a grade, I can't figure out why they would bother with the P4 model, even if they got it at a discounted price. Are trains relatively short and light on this line?
Posted by Steve Carter on November 30, 2014 
The trains are usually fairly short, between 10-20 cars. I can't speak to the weight.
Posted by David Honan on December 1, 2014 
Great photo, Steve! I've never been lucky enough to catch TR running, so I'm glad you're able to share with us what its operations and trackage look like.
Posted by George Li on January 11, 2017 
One of the reasons for the SD70ACe P4's is cost and then also delivery time as the 6 axles took way longer
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