Posted by CNW_TC400 on November 12, 2014 
Truly epic, wonderful shot.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 12, 2014 
Even coal can look attractive! Beautiful photograph!
Posted by John Turner on November 12, 2014 
Never seen this shot, very nice !
Posted by ├ôscar on November 12, 2014 
Just beautiful, a well deserved PCA for me.
Posted by Charlie Harris on November 13, 2014 
Nice work Sean, one of my favorite places in the states.
Posted by Frank Keller on November 13, 2014 
Very impressive from the light to the clouds and the back ground, very well done.
Posted by Tom Gorton on November 13, 2014 
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 13, 2014 
Fantastic, a word I do not often use but seems so fitting! Beautiful scene and I really like how the end of this seemingly infinite train is captured snaking around and out of sight.
Posted by Randall on November 14, 2014 
Well done Sean.
Posted by SMETS Philippe on November 18, 2014 
Nice shot.
Posted by R. Mueller on November 18, 2014 
I have looked thru your work (42 to date) and you find fantastic locations for composition and lighting. Not to mention 3 Peoples Choice and 1 Screener's. Thank's for sharing your great efforts!
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