Posted by on October 26, 2014 
And it's one of my favourites of your's as well. Wow, what an awesome picture.
Posted by Steve Larson on October 26, 2014 
What an incredible image. I love this photo in black & white. It's as if I am viewing it back in 1910. Very impressive Steve. This is my Favorite photo overall from Thank you.
Posted by Keith Long on October 27, 2014 
Hi Steve, I think the number of views will answer your question, great shot.
Posted by Sean Mathews on October 27, 2014 
Jubilee class is a great class. Wonderful photo. I adore British steam.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on October 27, 2014 
Posted by on October 27, 2014 
Wow! This is an incredible image. Great composition, great subject matter, and great timing! Well don sir!
Posted by cmdrflake on October 27, 2014 
This may be different, but oh does it give us a little glimpse of an England a century ago as it began a war that shaped our world for good and ill.
Posted by Fabrice Lanoue on October 27, 2014 
Stunning Steve, my vote for PCA !
Posted by Jeff Sell on October 27, 2014 
Excellent photo! If a photo is worth a thousand words, I'd say you would need a lot more than that to describe this one! Well done Steve.
Posted by Sean Mathews on October 27, 2014 
Yep, Love British Steam so much that I drug my wife up to the NYMR to ride on some A4s among other engines. this gets a PCA from me for sure.
Posted by Kevin Madore on October 27, 2014 
Different is good, Steve! I like it! One of the other folks had it right. This could have been taken 100 years ago.
Posted by bantam61668 on October 27, 2014 
Simply stunning, great composition. One of the best pictures I've seen in a long while of the S&C, could easily be mistaken for the 1950s
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on October 27, 2014 
Different is the best and also timeless.
Posted by Run8diesel on October 27, 2014 
One of your best Steve!
Posted by Dave Doty on October 27, 2014 
WOW!!! My PCA vote for sure. Hey screeners, you don't need to look any further for who gets the award. It's right here in front of you.
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on October 28, 2014 
My PCA vote, terrific composition!
Posted by Sean Mathews on October 28, 2014 
Congrats! A WELL DESERVED photo of the week. Glad the screeners thought so.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on October 28, 2014 
This shot is too different. It will never get on RP. And forget any badges. You will just have to put this in your personal file. Sorry, better luck next time Steve. :-)
Posted by dnsommer on October 29, 2014 
I'm calling British Airways today! Great photo!
Posted by Kilroy1313 on October 29, 2014 
The classic steam train picture. Everything is how it has to be; the entire train, a superbe smoke plume and a railway that has no overhead wiring or other signs of the modern time. Great picture !
Posted by chris davis on October 30, 2014 
Without dubt, a cracking photo, Steve. Superb processing of the image,too.
Posted by Steve Armitage on November 5, 2014 
Many thanks to all of you who have viewed and voted for my photograph, it's very rewarding to give a little pleasure in a world that too often seems to be sadly lacking in that quality. STEVE
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