Posted by on September 5, 2014 
Is it still in regular / revenue service? Or is it a preserved engine?
Posted by SAR Connecta on September 5, 2014 
Hi Jean-Marc, the Sappi / Saiccor Paper Mill in Umkomaas still have two Class 19D locomotives in regular service. They are used to ferry timber from the exchange yard up to the mill about 1 kilometers away. Its a busy big mill and a large amount of timber is delivered by rail from the North Coast by Transnet Freight Rail and the locomotives work non stop up and down to the yard and around the mill. There were three of them, but now only two remain in service and they work on rotation for a week or two at a time each. How much longer the steam locomotives will still be around for is a worry though. There have been rumours around for a while now of diesel replacement. It will be a sad day and the end of an era when that day eventually comes.
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