Posted by John Turner on September 4, 2014 
An incredible shot!
Posted by James R Doughty on September 4, 2014 
What a incredible photo! That is a very close bolt! I like that the raindrops are illuminated. This is defintiely worthy of a PCA and photo of the week award. Well done Joseph.
Posted by John Doughty on September 4, 2014 
Awesome, simply awesome! PCA vote for sure.
Posted by Moss Miller on September 4, 2014 
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on September 4, 2014 
One of the best lightning shots ever shone here!! NICE!! PCA nominated.....
Posted by Mark Rosnick on September 4, 2014 
I agree with the other comments...amazing shot.
Posted by Jake McGarvie on September 5, 2014 
PCA from me. A wicked photo for sure.
Posted by Joshua Jankus on September 17, 2014 
That must have been exhilarating to catch!
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on September 21, 2014 
Great catch.
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