Posted by Sean Mathews on August 12, 2014 
So I guess Railroad Personnel are allowed to trespass?
Posted by Frank Orona on August 12, 2014 
Spelling is a tough thing without auto-correct.
Posted by Marty Bernard on August 12, 2014 
Darn spell checker.
Posted by Mike on August 12, 2014 
Well...Yeah. They're accepted. Duh...
Posted by miningcamper on August 13, 2014 
"No Trespassing" signs are so unwelcoming!
Posted by Jim Thias on August 13, 2014 
I accept all railroad personel who trespass.
Posted by Justin R. Cartwright on August 13, 2014 
I love that sign! Is it a private land owner or railroad property?
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