Posted by hemiadda2d on June 26, 2014 
One the first 'Big Blows', sans tender, no less. Great shot!
Posted by Randy on June 26, 2014 
I thought that they never went without a tender. Does the engine carry enough fuel (in the regular fuel tank position)? Very nice touch with the 40' rib-sided Milw Rd boxcar as the first car. Fantastic photos from your collection Chris. I'm enjoying them very much. Thank you for posting such quality photos of historic Union Pacific equipment.
Posted by Ringo Clark on June 26, 2014 
After this came the Veranda, then the Big Blow
Posted by pennsyfanman on December 5, 2016 
The GTELs initially pulled freights between Ogden, Utah and Green River, Wyoming, passing through Weber Canyon and Echo Canyon, Utah. In 1954 they began running Ogden-Laramie and, soon after, Ogden-Cheyenne. In 1955-56 24,000-US-gallon (91,000 l) fuel tenders were added behind the turbines, allowing them to run to Council Bluffs, Iowa.
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