Posted by Dave Schauer on June 19, 2014 
Love the ore cars - you don't see too many shots of them (either in silver or mineral red).
Posted by Ringo Clark on June 19, 2014 
SD40's for days ! The chosen power back in the day
Posted by Rob Jacox on June 19, 2014 
I did not know that UP even had shorty ore cars. Where were they used from/to? I'm thinking it has to do with Geneva Steel (?) in Provo, but no idea where it's coming from.
Posted by Arseniy Shapurov on July 16, 2014 
This is why I love old film shots - perfect colors and shadows!
Posted by Solonslo on July 22, 2019 
Ore, actually Taconite, came from US Steel Atlantic City Mine North of Atlantic City and South of Lander WY. 76.x mile RR that went to Winton Junction north of Rock Springs to interchange with UP. Consist power of ABBBBA F7A & B former Bessemer & Lake Erie Power painted US Steel Black/Yellow hauled 120 ore cars. Some of those F7s are stored in Southern CA and one is active on the GETY/PREX (PREX #401 former BLE/USSX 726A) as of 2019.
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