Posted by Jeff Sell on May 24, 2014 
Excellent write up! I didn't know one of the 'Y's class locomotives still exist. Thanks for sharing the info and the details.
Posted by Matt Maloy on May 24, 2014 
I wonder what MOT will put in the space where 2156 used to sit? (Please be SP 4460 or NYC 2933!)
Posted by cavranger on May 24, 2014 
There's also a Y-3 in Union IL.
Posted by on May 24, 2014 
Wonderful information. And what a museum this must be... absolutely everything looks tip top!
Posted by paul catapano on May 24, 2014 
Not 100% sure but I believe there is another Y6 at the Henry Ford Museum. Might be the Allegheny. People always like to compare engines. Was the Big Boy Better than the Y6b or the A? Well the Big Boy might exceed these engines in many categories, but the Y6b and the A worked system wide. The Big Boy LIVED between Cheyenne and Ogden. IMHO the better comparison is between the Y6b and the SP Cab Forwards. Cab Forwards were also used system wide, and were numerous. Both the N&W and the SP got their money’s worth out of those engines.
Posted by JVincent on May 24, 2014 
Paul, The loco at the Henry Ford Museum is a 2-6-6-6 Allegheny. These were operated by the C&O and Virginian, the Y6's were operated by the N&W. As for a comparison with the Big Boy, I'd take the Y-6 any day! The Big Boy's got a lot of publicity, largely due to their owner UP's PR department, but weren't really the "Largest" in any one particular category. The Y6's also had the distinction of being one of the N&W's homemade locos (along with the "A", and the "J"). The folks at Roanoke really knew how to design and build a steam locomotive!
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