Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 13, 2014 
Nice find and a welcome story.
Posted by Greg Rentfro on August 6, 2014 
I was a very lucky kid, as Dr Ryan was my dentist through my childhood. I was already a "train nut", but he cultivated my passion into a near-frenzy. Dr. Ryan had Trains, Railfan and Railroad magazines in the waiting room, and I would often take a magazine back to the dentist chair while my teeth were being cleaned - sneaking looks at photos during the moments that no one was looking at my mouth. The best thing of all: he ended up GIVING me all of the old issues from the waiting room - as he would add newer magazines, he would take the older ones and put them in a pile for me to pick up at my next visit. Needless to say - I was the rare kid that actually looked forward to dentist appointments. Although he didn't move his office into the train until I was in high school, I managed to see him a few times before I graduated. Yeah - I was a high-schooler still going to a children's dentist - testament to how bad the railfan bug had bitten me. Thank you, Dr Ryan. Your gift to me was (and is still) immeasurable.
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