Posted by Matt Donnelly on April 17, 2014 
Is it me, or is there something awkward about all of the people in there staring and you with blank expressions? Like an elegant dinner interrupted by a crude joke.
Posted by Run8diesel on April 18, 2014 
They all look like they would rather be somewhere else!
Posted by Offset on April 18, 2014 
Matt is right, there are some very strange expressions from those disinterested looking people. What exactly would they be looking for? Do they take notes? Maybe they should be looking forward instead of into the past. Just seems so odd to me. Great picture of a beautiful train. Maybe they were surprised to learn there really are rail fans who will wait in the cold for a train to come along. Not one wave, clearly not engineers!
Posted by NYC Man on April 18, 2014 
Now pay attention, class, my name is Sister Mary Elephant....
Posted by ZR1fan on April 18, 2014 
Matt I am viewing this on a mobile device. So I zoomed in to take a look after reading your comment. That is just funny. They likely have no idea what a railfan is.
Posted by jdayrail on April 18, 2014 
They don't look like very fun company!
Posted by pjflstc on April 18, 2014 
How many track inspectors does it take to inspect a track? Kind of reminds me of PennDOT & how many guys does it take to hold a shovel? I would think that somewhere there's a couple bottles of wine sitting on the floor beside a couple of the inspectors. Or at least there should be.
Posted by rhovak on April 18, 2014 
They are all look somewhat stunned (or slightly amused) and that guy (6th from the left) even covering his mouth in shock... what in Gods name where you doing??? lol Great capture of a moment!
Posted by MRSTEELHEAD on April 18, 2014 
Lets sell it off now!
Posted by Dave Schauer on April 18, 2014 
The gentleman in the center with his arms crossed is CN CEO Claude Mongeau. To his right is our local Superintendent. We did get a few friendly waves from some of the riders. This was near the end of their two-day trip and the train was running a couple hours off their original schedule, which might have contributed to the fatigued appearance of the riders.
Posted by Ringo Clark on April 20, 2014 
If they're all mid and upper management, it explains their no personality, serious, indifferant expressions !
Posted by Dana M. on April 21, 2014 
Ken I don't think the guy is covering his mouth in shock, I believe he's covering a yawn - trying to hide his "boredom" and disinterest, and the fact he wishes he were somewhere getting drunk!
Posted by on April 24, 2014 
I bet you would not have seen the same reaction if that were somewhere in the southeast, the cars were Tuscan, the locomotives were black and white and the riders were Mr. Wick Moorman and Co...
Posted by MRSTEELHEAD on April 28, 2014 
The guy on the right has a red solo cup! Wonder what that maybe!
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