Posted by Michael Berry on April 6, 2014 
Send it back to the paint shop, I beg of you!
Posted by CJ on April 6, 2014 
The correct locomotive details would be MBTX reporting marks and the locomotive type is HSP46
Posted by miller652 on April 6, 2014 
This is the new HSP 46 made by Boise Locomotive. It has a GE Evo Engine inside producing 4600hp and has all new controls. this is actually the sixth engine sent from them.
Posted by Colin Buckowski on April 6, 2014 
and the body shop at that! Good god that thing is hideous!
Posted by Mike on April 7, 2014 
Posted by David West on April 7, 2014 
OMG! And we in the UK think Class 70's are ugly! And as for the livery well I can not think of anything good to say about it. It hurts your eyes doesn't it.
Posted by kyle.r.martin on April 7, 2014 
We have lost our way as a people....
Posted by FSWood on April 7, 2014 
I'm going to go against the flow and say that I like the boldness of it.
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 7, 2014 
May be the ugliest engine I have ever seen.
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 7, 2014 
The class 70 has nothing on this. I really can't get over this. Both paint and engine design. I mean really, did some guy have his 5 year old draw up plans for this?
Posted by Frederick Bell Jr. on April 7, 2014 
That is the ugliest diesel ever. It makes an Amtrak P42 look like a work of art.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on April 7, 2014 
Looks like it is still in the packing crate! Who on earth designed this loco, he wants shooting.
Posted by Greg Poston on April 7, 2014 
Certainly different, that is for sure! I started to say very purple. But the more I look at it, it's more fuchsia. If it wasn't for the black on the lower half of the nose, I'd say that you'd have to be completely blind, suicidal or just stupid to not see this coming and get hit by it.
Posted by KBoes on April 7, 2014 
Give it a break. It's not nearly as ugly as the new Cascades Talgo cab cars.
Posted by David West on April 7, 2014 
Is the design really that bad, or is it the livery? Some parts still have the masking tape on them!
Posted by Dariusz Lachowicz on July 25, 2014 
VERY UGLY !!!!! Why they don't make something similar to PA or F units.
Posted by showalterbj on October 28, 2015 
If you paint it silver with an ATSF red warbonnet, I would applaud.
Posted by Mike on October 29, 2015 
Posted by Colin Buckowski on October 29, 2015 
Paint can only do so much, the design of this locomotive is just awful in every sense. The only thing I can give them is that it's nice that the "nose" of the locomotive is pointed. I mean at that point I don't know why they didn't just make it flat...
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