Posted by Nscalemike on March 20, 2014 
Nicely lit subject! Gives the feeling of a much older image.
Posted by on March 20, 2014 
Let's hope it finds a new home. And to be greedy about it, hopefully the new owners will give it a colorful new scheme.
Posted by David Stewart on March 20, 2014 
That would be nice! It faces a unknown future for sure, some of the air brake system has been pulled out also, why I don't know. But a GRYR employee was on hand for info. Thanks for the comments
Posted by Jamison Amis on April 4, 2014 
Nice catch, David. Bombardier's locos carried a different feel of rigidness that really stood out from the more relaxed lines typically associated with the ALCo design tradition.
Posted by David Stewart on December 10, 2014 
Thanks, Jman! You're right and you can see those differences when you're around it.
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